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The 2 Man Team That Has Brought In Over 100 Million Views, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers, & Even More Revenue.

CEO Patrick Hogue

Fitness Influencer & Copywriter Who Has Worked With Dozens of Top Performers In Each Industry.


  • Over 100,000 Followers Across All Platforms.
  • Worked Alongside Known World Class Copywriters
  • Scaled His Own Business To ¬†7-8 Figures In 6 Months.¬†
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COO Samuel Silver

Fashion Enthusiast & Copywriter Who Has Worked With Staple Figures In Both The Fashion & Male Improvement Industries


  • Specializes in growing social media platforms from 0 - 100,000 Followers.
  • Mentored by Industry Sales and Copywriter Icons
  • Closed over 7-8 figures in sales
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Our Million Dollar Strategy

Short-Form Content

The team that has achieved over 100M views and over hundreds of thousands of followers.

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Capture Your Audience

Email Marketing

The key to building trust and loyalty with your customers. 3-5x the amount of money your customers spend and 2x your referrals.

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Your Vision Brought To Light


The secret behind the successful Gurus you see online. We make Million dollar funnels that make you money consistently.

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